(b. 1961), board member and CEO since 1999, also one of the founders of the company.

Jan has a history of running his own farm of agriculture from the seventies. During the years 1979 – 2000 he was a farmer in cereal production and in the years 1988 – 1999 he was active in the sales and technical services in agriculture sector in Sweden and in Finland, especially working with animal producers.


(b. 1963), board member since 2015, and 1999 – 2012..

During most of his work life, Bjarne has worked with mechanics and electronics. He currently works in his own consultancy company with mainly computer operations and end-user support. One of his main clients is Uppsala University.


(b. 1963), board member since 1999.

Anders has had employment with Siemens, IFS and UNIT4. Over the past 20 years, Anders have had various global responsibilities and works with business and product development, sales and marketing on all continents and with experience of B2B in more than ten countries.

Today Anders works as Head of Global Product Marketing at the business system UNIT4 in Utrecht, Holland and he has great experience of international business.


(b. 1948), board member and chairman of the board since 2017, former board member 2016.

Leif has a Ph.D. in nuclear physics since 1979. During the years 1986 – 2007, he was CEO of Scienta Scientific AB a company within atomic and nuclear physics. During the years 2008 – 2012 Leif worked as CEO of VG Scienta AB and was in the management of the company until 2014.

From the middle of 2014, Leif was one of the principal owners and chairman of cSens AB, until the company was acquired by Biovica International AB. cSens AB and Biovica AB are both active in cancer research. Leif is also chairman of the board of LYM Consulting AB and Svesin Investment AB.


(b. 1957), board member since 2015, (chairman of the board 2016.

Kenneth has for many years worked as executive/CEO of high-tech innovative companies in the environmental and agricultural sectors. He has extensive experience of his own and others’ patented inventions that have been exploited internationally.


(b. 1942), deputy board member since 2016, board member 2000 – 2015. .

During most of his work life, Christer has worked in construction industry-related companies. He has also been CEO of a healthcare company. Christer has mainly worked as executive/CEO of companies in early stages, restructuring, company sales and acquisitions. Since 1996 and until his retirement 2016 he worked in his own consultancy company.