Envirologic AB

Envirologic AB specialises in developing and selling robotic solutions for high-pressure cleaning in harmful working environments. The company, started in 1999, is based in Uppsala, Sweden.

Making a difference

We help our customers to create a healthier working environment and increase productivity.

Meet Evo Cleaner

Our latest model EVO Cleaner offers top of the line technology combined with improvements in user interface, design and performance. See Evo Cleaner in action.

Why put your and your employee’s health at risk when you can use a powerful washing robot to do
the dirty job?

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Our products

We are constantly working at improving our robots. Below you will find a brief description of all of them. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Evo Cleaner

Evo Cleaner is our latest robot and contains a lot of
new, top of the line, technology. It has a very advanced control system, with graphic user interface and a computer which can communicate with the user or service via 4G over internet.

The system is able to store 500 different programs to form as many different recipes.


Clever Cleaner

Clever Cleaner is a construction proved easy to use and durable for many years in different places of the world.

Frame and shield is in stanless steel and in the control system you are able to store about 120 different programs to form up to 60 different recipes.


Compact Cleaner

Compact Cleaner is the option for narrow aisles. While the Clever and Evo Cleaner are running through
the aisles down to 60 cm in width, Compact Cleaner thanks to its hydraulic outrigger, runs in aisles
down to 45 cm.

It has 50 meters of hose on the hose-reel and can be equipped with many different options, including electric transport wheel.


Pipe Cleaner

Pipe Cleaner is indispensable for cleaning the inside of food supply pipes. Its design allows for faster but thorough cleaning with an ergonomic working position.

We support all the way

During the purchase

The delivery of your robot cleaner includes not only
installation and operator training but also assistance with the first programming.

After the purchase

Should anything happen to your robot, our skilled
technicians can quickly be on site wherever you are in the world.

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Established product

About 35% of pig producers in Sweden are using our robots for washing their piggeries.

High quality

Our robot has been demonstrated at a number of fairs and received awards.


Our skilled technicians can quickly be on site wherever in the world you are.

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to become our distributor?

We have distributors in 12 countries and would like expand our presence around the globe. Are you interested in becoming our distributor? We look forward to a fruitful cooperation.

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